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Part number: 433169

The autumn and winter model of the popular sandal brand shaka debuts.

The outdoors & casual designs are as it is, and you can feel warmth like SCHLAF (sleeping bag).ThinSulate (Syncesurate) Cost-type new footwear adopting cotton.

Upper with a sense of quality like down shoes.
Internal heat is excellent in moisture permeability that releases moisture without escaping, thin, light, and warm insulating material cotton.
Insole of Ortholite (ortholite) with breathable cushioning, lightness, antibacterial & deodorantI can remove and wash it and keep it clean at any time.
It is one of the features of SHAKA with excellent grip, cushioning and durabilityShark Toth Sole is well fused and well with a good balance.

Based on the sole of the 90's, the lightweight sole has improved cushioning and durability.
By reviewing the conventional European US standard, the overall fit has increased and the burden on walking was reduced.
Lightweight and unique sole warpage will be fit and fit and attract to your feet.

Catato's belt is a Velcro specification, so the feeling of fit is excellent.
In addition, it is a 2WAY specification that can be worn by slide type with a removable manner.

You can enjoy the outdoor items with excellent comfort.
It is a proposal as a new casual shoes that vs. sneakers.

Middle cotton:ThinSulate
Blank: Ortholite
Sole: Synthetic Bottom

Made in China

About shaka
Shaka is a sandal brand that was born in South Africa in the 1990s.
Production of creative design sandals with high-neieties that motifs African traditional knitting footwear at our own factory in South Africa.
Sports sandals using webbing tapes that were trends with traditional Africa and a trend at that time were started in Japan in Japan in the late 1990s.
The popularity and the popularity of the outdoors have been rapidly growing on the outdoor boom, but SHAKA disappears in the first half of the 2000 years.
After that, it became popular in the old clothes market as a brand that people who know, and continued to be supported by the maniac from the shape and the outdoors scene, etc.
While the shape of a ragged sole, a strong and soft webbing tape, as well as plastic parts are faithfully reproduced, the strength of the cushioning and sole strength, the strength of the sole, and the outdoor scene as a sports sandal arranged in a contemporary style As well as street scenes, many support are collected.