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Part number: R201203

An item that uses two types of fabrics: twill with uneven yarn that gives a slight expression to the fabric, and plain weave indigo that attracts the expression each time it is used.
A silhouette that gives a width and falls with a stone.
By adding a switch named DECT to the hem, the silhouette seen from the side has become a nice touch.
The hood can be left as it is, or it can be rolled up and stopped with a button.
I like the unique collar that the curled cloth attracts.
The inside of the back is sewn with a spare cloth that can be used in case the clothes break down.
It is designed to be used freely, such as as a repair cloth after many years of use, or as a pocket cloth when you want another pocket.
Work taste smog.

Yellow: Dyed
Indigo: One wash


Width: L / 61cm, XL / 63.5cm
Length: L / 69cm, XL / 71.5cm

What is REMILLA? It is a domestic brand that attracts many fans by carefully crafting it with attention to detail.
Although it has a work taste, each item that makes you feel the adult skateboarding culture is excellent.
French professional skater SOY PANDAY has joined as a rider of Remyra, and it is a brand that needs more attention in the future.