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Part number: R211202

Last season, "Moka Parker", which was sold out in a blink of an eye, was released again!
Hatchet picks the continuous color BLACK and the new colors GREEN and GRAY.

Uses 100% Brazilian cotton medium-length cotton yarn spun with coarsely ground mixed cotton.
An item that can be worn like a Ron T by taking advantage of the characteristics of thin fleece that feels very good on the skin.
The anecdote that the designer did not intend to make a hoodie at first, but made it into a shape with such an image that "the cloth feels and feels good" is interesting.
Nothing but something good.
The hood that pops out from the top with a jacket on is for breaking the neck ◎ One piece is also ◎
The hem does not stretch to the hem due to aging.
Comfortable to wear as a room wear or pajamas.
I used it for pajamas for many days while actually wearing a hood.
I feel comfortable wearing a hood.
If you sleep as it is, it is already a subconscious world.

Material: 100% cotton
Processing: Product post-washing


Width: L / 57.5cm, XL / 60cm
Length: L / 69.5cm, XL / 72cm

* Hatchet does not handle YELLOW.

What is REMILLA? It is a domestic brand that attracts many fans.
Although it has a work taste, each item that makes you feel the adult skateboarding culture is excellent.
French professional skater SOY PANDAY has joined as a rider of Remyra, and it is a brand that needs more attention in the future.