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Style number: R211202

Last season, "Moka Parker", which was sold out in a blink of an eye, was released again!
Hatchet picks the continuous color BLACK and the new colors GREEN and GRAY.

Uses medium-length cotton yarn made of 100% Brazilian cotton spun with coarsely ground mixed cotton.
An item that can be worn like a Ron T by taking advantage of the characteristics of thin fleece that feels very good on the skin.
The anecdote that the designer did not intend to make a hoodie at first, but made it into a shape with such an image that "the cloth feels and feels good" is interesting.
Nothing but something good.
The hood that pops out from the top with a jacket on is for breaking the neck ◎ One piece is also ◎
The hem does not stretch to the fluffy due to aging. The stretch-preventing tape is sewn on the inside.
Comfortable to wear in your room or in your pajamas.
I used it for my pajamas for days while actually wearing the hood.
When you wear the hood, you will feel the comfort that you cannot say anything about.
If you sleep as it is, it is already a subconscious world.

Material: 100% cotton
Processing: After-washing of the product


Width: L / 57.5cm, XL / 60cm
Length: L / 69.5cm, XL / 72cm

* Hatchet does not handle YELLOW.

What is REMILLA?
It is a domestic brand that attracts many fans.
Although it has a work taste, each item that makes you feel some adult skateboarding culture is excellent.
French professional skater SOY PANDAY has joined as a rider of Remyra, and it is a brand that needs more attention in the future.