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Part number: 275972

Uses CORDURA 1000D.
The face is TRAVELSTAR28, but the GETAWAY is a 3-way bag that prioritizes usability. The
PC sleeve has a direct access entrance, and the shoulder harness for backpacking can be stored in the back pocket.
In addition, it is equipped with a sleeve that can be inserted into the handle of the carry bag, making it a 3-way travel bag.

Material: CORDURA 1000D
Capacity: 25L
Weight: 1,070g
Size: 47x19x30cm

What is BACH
1979 Ireland In 2000, he was the only European outdoor manufacturer to have a production base in Europe.
After that, due to rising costs such as prices and labor costs in Ireland, most of the model production bases will be shifted to Asia.
Currently, it has grown into a global brand that is deployed around the world, mainly in Switzerland and Europe. Recognition of "BACH" (Bach) products is increasing.
Remembering craftsmanship, some special BACH models and samples are still made in KILKENNY, Ireland.
The materials they use, their efforts to reduce weight by the gram, their commitment to functionality, their experiences gained from mountaineering in the Alps, climbing, outdoor fields in mountains around the world, cycling, travel, and daily use bags are unique. I am pouring it into a design that is easy to use and easy to use. In recent years, the development of products for travel use has been activated, and the evaluation in Asia as well as in Japan has risen sharply. A brand that continues to evolve.