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Product number: AL-CA0001

His model was designed by Polish architect and artist "Jakub Szczesny".
A long coat made of TORAY DELFY, which is highly waterproof and windproof, and equipped with CLIMASHIELD insulation.
The fusion of urban design by "Jakub Szczeesny" and AURA's outdoor taste provides versatility and comfort.

Comes with a staff bag

Insulation:CLIMASHIELD 67g/m2
weight:(M) 670g


[Jakub Szczesny] Polish architect and artist. Graduated from Warsaw University of Technology.
He is active in various design-related fields, including architecture, accessories, clothing, and furniture.
His work "Keret House" was put on permanent display at MoMA in New York in 2013.

SMALL: Length/100cm, Width/58cm, Shoulder width 50/cm, Sleeve length/63cm
MEDIUM: Length/102cm, Width/61cm, Shoulder width/52cm, Sleeve length/64cm
LARGE: Length/105cm, Width/65cm, Shoulder width/55cm, Sleeve length/66cm

What is AURA
Founded in 1989 in Warsaw, Poland under the name "yeti".
After meeting a man who climbed K2, he began manufacturing sleeping bags and down wear with the primary goal of supporting mountaineers who face the great outdoors with tools.
At the time of the brand's founding, Poland, located in Eastern Europe, had undergone major reforms from socialism to democracy, and the door to connecting with the world had just opened, and product manufacturing began amid fierce competition.

Even though the brand name has changed from Yeti to Aura, we have been fortunate enough to have been manufacturing down products in Poland for 28 years, and our goose products made in Poland are known all over the world. Being a source of high-quality down is a major factor. And by supplying products to climbers, we continue to evolve our manufacturing based on the feedback we receive, and this is because we are in line with the needs of the times. Recently, a design team has been established using the production technology developed for outdoor use, and the company manufactures lifestyle jackets, competing in two categories: outdoor and lifestyle, and has expanded to eight countries. As a small manufacturer, we are pursuing further evolution by taking advantage of the flexibility we can make and the strengths of having a production line. ``If you wear Aura products, I'm sure there are many things you can honestly appreciate,'' says Elzbietta, the representative of his seller.

The brand name comes from the idea of ​​``protecting from the cold'' with the warm aura emanating from ``AURA Down Garments'' made in Poland.