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Nigel Cabourn




Product number: 80460021050

The three pieces are made in different periods and using twisting methods. A classic pack T-shirt that seems to be Nigel Kay Bonn with attention to detail

Nigel Cabourn uses original fabrics for most of his products
It is not uncommon for him to start from thread making when the thread itself, which is the basis of the fabric, is a ready-made product and is not suitable for his purpose.
Even T-shirts are no exception for him who loves vintage

A ring that appeared in the 1830s based on the idea that "if we are going to make a 3-pack T-shirt, let's express the difference in spinning and the comfort that comes from it." The ultimate pack t-shirt with three types of fabric from different eras: spinning, air spinning in the 1950s, and the latest vortex spinning invented by Japan, with designs that match each.
It is a bit different from the pack T that usually contains the same items.
I'm surprised that you can buy this for around 10,000 yen.

No.1-Air spinning - V-neck pocket T
In the 1950s, an innovative method was invented that was completely different from the principle of ring spinning. Ta
The principle of air spinning can be easily understood by imagining a clothes dryer rotating at high speed.
Since the short fibers rotate in the vortex of air, the centrifugal force increases the density of the outside of the yarn and makes it hard.
And when the thread is sliced ​​into rounds, the center is less dense than the outer shell.
In other words, there is a firmness that makes it comfortable to wear
The cross section of the thread has microscopic hardness, so it's not hard and uncomfortable to wear.
The moderately stiff thread leads to smooth comfort, and the dense surface of the thread quickly absorbs sweat and releases it when it leaves the body. The
design is from the 1950s vintage

No.2.-Ring Spinning - Crew Neck
Sliver (a lump like absorbent cotton in which only the direction of short fibers is aligned before spinning) is coarsely filamentized. The object is pulled out with a roller, passed through a metal ring that rotates around the bobbin, and wound onto the bobbin.
At this time, the bobbin itself also rotates at high speed, so the movement and speed of both parts are used to twist the yarn.
Although it is the oldest spinning, ring spinning continues to be passed down to the present day  
It's been 200 years since the invention of
, so while machines have evolved dramatically in speed, precision, and quality, the principle of spinning remains the same today as it was at the time of its invention.
As if to express the spinning principle itself, which can be said to be universal, the T-shirt is netted with ring-spun yarn, and is extremely orthodox and comfortable to wear, and has a "normal" touch in a good way.
Designed based on 1800s vintage to match the oldest spinning

No.3-Vortex Spinning - Shallow Crewneck
In contrast to air spinning, which is roughly spun by swirling air accompanied by centrifugal force, short fibers of ten or so millimeters The major feature is that the behavior of the air is controlled one by one by the swirling flow of air.
A short fiber is placed on a fine jet stream, and the tip of the short fiber converges toward the center of the yarn in an almost non-twisted state, and the other end is twisted so as to sink into the outer shell of the yarn itself.
This dramatically eliminates the loss of shape of the yarn itself, and by suppressing fluff to the utmost limit, it is possible to create yarn with a very smooth texture.
This is the comfort of yarn that can only be created with the latest Japanese technology. The
design also adopts the most suitable for modern times  

Please enjoy the comfort and design with different characteristics of each of the 3 types of spinning.

It will be delivered in an original box.

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No.1 Air spinning
Length: 48/69cm, 50/70cm, 52/72cm
Width: 48/54cm, 50/55cm, 52/57cm
Sleeve length: 48/45.5cm, 50/46cm, 52/48cm

No.2. Ring spinning

Length: 48/68cm, 50/70cm, 52 /71cm
Width: 48/53cm, 50/55cm, 52/56cm
Shoulder width: 48/47cm, 50/ 48cm, 52/49cm
Sleeve length: 48/22cm, 50/22cm, 52/22.5cm

No .3 Vortex spinning
Length: 48/72cm, 50/704cm, 52/76cm
Width: 48/49cm, 50/51cm, 52/52cm
Shoulder Width: 48/43cm, 50/44cm, 52/45cm
Sleeve length:48/22cm, 50/23cm, 52/24cm

What is Nigel Cabourn?
Collection of British designer Nigel Cabourn, a world-famous collector of vintage military, workwear, and outdoor wear.
Inspired by the vintage collection of over 4,000 items that he has collected over 30 years, his collection transcends time and is reborn into something new.
It is very characteristic that Nigel divides his own designs into British production (authentic line) and Japan production (main line).
For the former, we mainly use British-origin materials such as Harris Tweed and Ventile, and use items that are produced in Mackintosh factories and knit factories in Scotland. By sorting out items that utilize dyeing and processing techniques that cannot be realized, we are creating a collection that cannot be found anywhere else.