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Product number: N1AJ

NANGA down wear flagship model
Long term if updates are repeated The beloved classic model is now the fifth generation

NANGA flagship model. "AURORA DOWN JACKET"
This jacket, which is constantly evolving, is a functional jacket that has both heat retention and waterproof and windproof properties.
The secret to its popularity is that the simple design can be worn both in the city and outdoors, regardless of coordination.

NANGA Proprietary fabric, waterproof and breathable material, Auroratex®︎, function is water pressure resistance20000mm, preventing rain from entering
By reducing the stitching on the surface as much as possible, we have minimized the penetration of rain through the stitching.
Moisture permeability 6000g/m2/24hrs allows moisture from the inside of the down to escape to the outside, so even if you do light exercise, it won't get stuffy, keeping you dry and comfortable. maintain

By using waterproof zips for all of the pockets, including the main zip, waterproofness has been improved, and the matte waterproof zips have a sharp design.

The inside of the pocket is made of brushed material, and the cuffs are attached with nubuck-type Velcro to block cold air from entering.
By using soft fabric on the inside of the jacket, the feathers will swell more easily, improving heat retention and fitting when worn.

By adopting a slightly larger silhouette and raglan sleeves, you won't feel cramped even if you wear it over thick winter clothes.
The characteristic large pockets on both sides not only warm your hands quickly as a hand warmer, but also convenient for storing gloves and accessories.
The hood is designed to be large, making it easy to wear over a knit cap or head warmer.
Reflect logo on left chest for increased visibility and safety

Since it has a simple design but is highly functional and usable, it is a model that can be worn casually in town as well as outdoors.

・NANGA's flagship model

・NANGA's proprietary waterproof and breathable material, AURORA-TEX®︎ (water pressure resistance 20000mm/m², moisture permeability 6000g/m2/ 24hrs)

・Raised material (solar sensor) is used inside the pocket to improve heat retention

・Matte waterproof zipper and gunmetal color are used for the slider

・Reflect logo on the left chest to enhance visibility and safety

・Nubuck sleeve tabs are attached to the cuffs to prevent wind from entering and keep cold air out. Blocking

Outer fabric: 40dn Aurolatex ®
Lining fabric: 40dn nylon taffeta
Down: DX: Spanish duck down 90 -10% (760FP)
Down amount: 150g
Total weight: 650g


Length: M/76cm, L/78cm, XL/ 80cm
Chest: M/118cm, L/122cm, XL/126cm
Bottom width: M/114cm, L/118cm, XL/122cm
Sleeve length: M/66cm, L /67.5cm, XL/69cm

What is NANGA?
In 1941, by the predecessor Akira Yokota, the down town started from the production area of ​​Omi cotton futon. A sleeping bag manufacturer born from
The company name "Nanga" comes from "Nanga Parbat" in the Himalayas.
Nanga Parbat is the ninth highest mountain in the world with an altitude of 8126m.It is also known as the "man-eating mountain" and is a difficult mountain to climb that has caused many victims. The name of the company is based on the founder Akira Yokota's thought, "Let's do it because it's difficult, and everyone will climb it."

NANGA is particular about feathers

With the know-how we have cultivated over many years in selecting, washing, and managing feathers, we are able to continue to create warmer feather products.