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Part number: N188

Updated NANGA classic down pants

NANGA's original fabric, Aurora Latex®, is used for the outer fabric, and these down pants can block water and cold air and maximize the warmth of feathers in the cold winter outdoor field.

"Aurora Latex ® ︎" is a waterproof and breathable fabric that has a high water pressure resistance of 20,000 mm to prevent the penetration of rain, etc., and has a moisture permeability of 6,000 g / m2 / 24 hrs to release the moisture accumulated inside. matter. By using it as an outer material, you can reduce stuffiness when wearing it and maintain comfort when wearing it. By reducing the stitches on the surface as much as possible, the intrusion of rain from the outside is minimized.

By adopting a waterproof zip in the front and back pockets, it prevents wetting even if you store accessories etc., and it is effective as a hand warmer because it uses a brushed fabric with excellent heat retention inside. It is a target.
Increased storage capacity by adding a right waist pocket.

The hips and inseam lines have been reviewed to further improve the wearing feeling around the waist.
A gusset crotch is used for the crotch part to open the legs 180 degrees.

By opening and closing the ventilation, you can adjust the temperature and humidity, so you can keep the environment inside the pants dry and comfortable even when you move your body violently, such as when you are in action.
By adopting a webbing belt on the waist part, you can easily adjust the size with one hand, and you can easily put on and take off.

Also, by making it a large silhouette, you can wear it over leggings or cargo pants.

By adopting shirring rubber at the hem, it prevents the intrusion of cold air.

The total weight is as light as 500g, and it can be stored compactly and taken out, so it is useful not only outdoors but also for everyday use in the middle of winter.

By enclosing 100g of high quality feathers, it will be useful not only in outdoor fields but also in jogging and winter sports.

・ Updated NANGA's classic down pants

・ NANGA's original waterproof and breathable material, AURORA-TEX®︎ (water pressure resistance 20000mm / m², moisture permeability 6000g / m2 / 24hrs) is used

・ The size feeling continues from last year's model, the hips are improved and the wearing feeling is updated

・ Inseam + 5CM longer

・ Increase the storage capacity by increasing the right hip pocket

・ Reflect logo print on the left foot

Outer fabric: 40dn Aurora Latex ®
Lining fabric: 40dn nylon tuffer
Down: DX: Spanish duck down 90-10% (760FP)
Down amount: 100g
Total weight: 493g


Waist: M / 76, L / 80, XL / 84cm
Hips: M / 113.5, L / 117.5, XL / 121.5 cm
Rise : M / 27.6, L / 28.6, XL / 29.6 cm
Inseam: M / 76, L / 78, XL / 80 cm
Width: M / 37.7, L / 38.9, XL / 40.1 cm

What is NANGA?
The company name "Nanga" is derived from "Nanga Parbat" in the Himalayas.
Nanga Parbat is the 9th highest mountain in the world at an altitude of 8126m, and is also known as a "human-eating mountain". The idea of ​​the founder, Akira Yokota, is "I'll do it because it's difficult, everyone will climb the mountain."

NANGA's commitment is feathers.
With the know-how of feather selection, hair washing and management that we have cultivated over many years, we are able to continue to make warmer feather products.