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¥7,480 ¥3,740


Product number: VBSM-5377

Because of the increasing number of paparazzi of Hollywood celebrities wearing their stylish crossbody bags, even in Japan, waist pouches have changed to sacoches and have been quickly made by regular users.
As a manufacturer that has been involved in travel bags and goods for many years, it is packed with convenience beyond its simple appearance.
With an attachment that can be removed with your fingertips, the strap can be attached and detached with one hand.
This is very convenient when traveling with a lot of luggage.
This season, the material has been updated, maintaining lightness while significantly improving strength and wear.
A small pocket with a reflector on the outside, and a double zipper that makes it easy to put in and take out the main compartment with 3 compartments.
Two zippered pockets
Prevent smartphones and wallets from falling out.
Recommended not only for festivals, camping, barbecues, but also for everyday use such as shopping.

Material: NYLON 100% / POLIESTER 10% 
Dimensions: 23 x 13 x 6 cm

What is SUNDOG
Born in 1981 in Seattle, USA .
Starting with the manufacture and sale of camera bags, he quickly created a bag with a cushioned structure to protect the camera, which was epoch-making at the time.
The company develops products of high standards, emphasizing durability so that they can be transported with peace of mind while traveling.
SUNDOG is a phantom sun, an atmospheric optical phenomenon that can only be seen on cold days in the northern hemisphere, or from airplanes or high mountains .
According to one theory, it is called "SUNDOG" because it looks like a dog jumping in a ring of flames. There is also an anecdote among Native Americans that success and good fortune will come when he stumbles upon SUNDOG during his travels. Sturdy equipment is essential for a good trip, so he named himself SUNDOG.
Based on the experience of adventure lovers traveling, all products have a purposeful and functional design without excessive straps, zippers, or pockets.
More than 30 years since its founding, the concept of "Endless Search For Adventure" has attracted the attention of many people, including photographers, mountain climbers, travelers, explorers, and businessmen. It is used habitually.