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Part number: MTS1016

From WHITE LABEL, a T-shirt featuring an illustration drawn by SLOWBOY, which gained popularity last year, is now available. This is an iconic model with a distinctive design that is transcribed from the illustration.
This is a shopper style print that you can enjoy shopping on holidays with your dog.

Babour outerwear with a trendy look while quoting a wealth of archives.
A T-shirt with an illustration drawn by SLOWBOY has been released from "Babour White Label", which has bottoms and inners designed with consideration for matching with the outerwear and provides total coordination.

It features a design that transcribes a lifestyle with barbour into an illustration.

What you can feel from the dressing of the characters drawn by Mr. Slowboy is that it is based on the men's traditional style.
By taking the finest things as a trend and incorporating seasonal silhouettes and details, the traditional style is updated to the current mood.

This time, we released three types of pictures: a biker style with a helmet, a skater style with a skateboard, and a shopper style to enjoy shopping on holidays with your dog.

While inheriting the DNA of Babour, which boasts a long history, the white label items that are close to the current style and lifestyle are for all men who enjoy the present as they are, regardless of age or hobby. It will be a reliable existence.

Material: Outer material 100% cotton


* This item will be delivered by Japan Post Click Post, so we cannot accept the specified date and time. note that.

What is Barbour? It is one of the few British foreign brands that has been awarded (Proof of).
1894 Started selling waxed cotton waterproof jackets for fishermen and harbor workers in South Shields, northeast England.
Waxed cotton jackets have become a hot topic among workers for their excellent waterproof performance, and the name "Babour" did not take much time to spread throughout the UK.
The track record of supplying waterproof clothing to British troops during World War I and World War II also increased the fame of "Babour".
In this way, Babour has established a solid position as one of the UK's leading outdoor lifestyle brands.
We continue to attract men all over the world with their British style and reliable quality that combines tradition and innovation. Babour's jacket is a rugged and functional design that emphasizes practicality as hunting, fishing, and riding wear, but it has an exquisite fusion of dignified looks. It can be used widely from outdoor to business scenes.