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Product number: MWX0318

A popular modern slim-fit version of Barbour's signature CLASSIC BEDALE Model
This is the 2021 Fall/Winter model with a three-warrant

The best-selling "BEDALE" that represents the brand fits modern styling in 2011. A very popular model that has been updated to a size that fits comfortably.
Raglan sleeves, side vents, hand warmers, ribs on the cuffs and other details of the riding coat are kept as they are, but the body and sleeve widths are slightly narrower, and the collar is made smaller. By diluting the material, it is a versatile jacket that can be used in town even for business styles.
BEDALE, which boasts overwhelming popularity in Japan, has a lineup of 3 types of fit.

While maintaining the basic design and atmosphere, the pocket size and sleeve specifications have been changed based on different uses and coordination depending on the fit type.
The unchanging standard is proof that Barbour believes that it is important to propose fittings that match the times, meet the diverse needs of those who wear them, and enjoy them as fashion.

*This item is for the FW2021 season.
(Genuine domestic product arranged through Supreme Incorporated)

[FABRIC] 6 oz waxed cotton

Uses 6 oz fabric with a medium weight that is neither too heavy nor too light.
Thick enough to withstand adverse conditions and heavy use while maintaining high water resistance, making it easy to move in all weather conditions.
It can be used for everyday use as street wear, but it can also be worn with long spans.
It is used in many models such as "Videl" and "Beaufort".
This model uses waxed cotton with a matte surface and a brushed feel, unlike normal waxed cotton with a glossy finish.

Outer fabric: COTTON 100%
Lining : COTTON 100%
Lining (lower part): POLYESTER 100%
Corduroy part : COTTON 100 %
Rib: ACRYLIC 100%


Length: 40/80 cm, 42/81 cm
Bust:40/110 cm, 42/114 cm
Sleeve length: 40/89 cm, 42 /92 cm
Bottom width: 40/58 cm, 42/60 cm

What is Barbour?
With a history of over 120 years, Barbour is one of the few foreign brands in the UK that has been awarded three royal warrants.
1894 Started selling waterproof jackets made from waxed cotton for fishermen and dockworkers in South Shields, northeastern England.
The waxed cotton jacket became a hot topic among workers for its excellent waterproof performance, and it did not take long for the name "Barbour" to spread throughout the UK.

The achievements of supplying waterproof clothing to the British Army during World War I and World War II also increased the reputation of "Barbour".
In this way, Barbour has established a solid position as one of Britain's leading outdoor lifestyle brands.
It continues to attract men around the world with its British style and reliable quality that combines tradition and innovation. Barbour's jackets have a rugged and functional design that emphasizes practicality as hunting, fishing, and horseback riding wear, but they are exquisitely combined with a dignified look, and can be used in a wide range of situations, from outdoor activities to business situations. .