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Nigel Cabourn



Product number: 80450010000

Classic BD shirt "British Officers Shirt-Vintage Oxford" from British brand Nigel Cabourn

This product has been made as a standard for over 10 years by Nigel Cabourn, who sells it as a sustainable and sturdy product.
At that time, the chief designer of the Japanese side, who respected Nigel's depth of knowledge, happened to find vintage canvas pants for French workwear one day. Isn't it the way to create amazing things?" I came up with this idea and proposed to Nigel.
Of course, even if it is reproduced as it is, it will only be a sturdy pants fabric.
First of all, we started by adjusting the thickness of the shirt fabric while maintaining its rigidity, and after repeated trial weaving, we created a special weave that uses warp threads that are 1/5 of the weft threads, creating an exquisite golden ratio. will discover.
The next thing I researched was the weft thread.
In search of a balance between suppleness and strength, we ended up with a special blend based on extra-long cotton.
The more you twist the thread, the stronger it becomes, but the harder it becomes.
Therefore, it was necessary to adjust the twist factor so that it would not be too hard, so I searched for it from the raw material.
By twisting two more threads together, a strong, straight and supple thread was completed.

In general, when weaving fabric, we weave it at a tremendous speed, so we apply tension to the intention and weave it beautifully and evenly.
It is a highly efficient weave that is less prone to accidents.
Hand weaving is the opposite.
Because it is woven slowly, it brings out the original texture of the material, but it takes a lot of time and effort.
We have achieved a reasonable price while making use of the plump texture that is as close as possible to the hand-woven texture.
Considering such a contradiction, we are selfish in the full-scale cloth process from the designation of the loom to the speed of weaving.
It is a skillful technique that combines the wisdom, experience, and technology of craftsmen who see the last minute when an accident occurs.

Finally, we woven Berry, Berry, a special fabric that combines the gentle texture of cotton, the natural luster and suppleness of extra-long staple cotton, and the durability of pants fabric.

Special attention has been paid to the sewing side, and the thread count and number of stitches are carefully selected to match the density of the weave.

I used a sewing machine made in Japan specifically for sewing buttons, which was designed to entwine the threads.
So just buttoning a certain number of times? Instead, we stop the sewing machine in the middle and sew each button twice.

Natural shell buttons are used, but we carefully selected buttons with a shape that is difficult to break with reference to Mil Spec Type 24/25.

And since it was hand-released as a product, there have been no complaints such as missing buttons or missing buttons for more than 10 years.
Of course, we, our employees, also tried to use it really hard, but it was amazingly durable.

While the general durability test standard for the product inspection period is 10 to 15 times, 2 out of 3 of the same products can withstand 100 washing tests, and the sewing is damaged, the fabric is worn out, and the buttons come off. It produced astonishing results.
The remaining button chipped on the 75th use, but when the test data was converted into the period of actual wearing frequency, the button itself was found to be durable for 2.5 to 4 years, and the others were more durable. .
Not only that, but it is also soft and easy to wear.

It's been a long explanation, but the point is that it's a product that has been completed through development preparations that have been carefully selected, so it can be called a classic among Nigel Cabourn's classics that will not fade even after 10 years.

Please feel free to experience it.

*This product is a continuation product, so the product number listed may differ from the product number you purchased.

Thank you for your understanding.


100% cotton

Made in Japan

Length: 48/73.5cm, 50/76cm, 52/76cm
Width: 48/54.5cm, 50/57cm, 52/59cm
Shoulder Width: 48/43.5cm, 50/45.5cm, 52/47,5cm
Sleeve length: 48/63cm, 50/63.5cm, 52/64cm

What is Nigel Cabourn
The collection of British designer Nigel Cabourn, who is also a world-famous collector of vintage military, workwear and outdoor wear.
Inspired by the vintage collection of more than 4000 items that he has collected over 30 years, his collection is reborn into something new beyond the times.
It is very characteristic that Nigel himself distributes his own design to British production (authentic line) and Japanese production (main line).
The former mainly uses British-origin materials such as Harris Tweed and Ventile, and items produced in Mackintosh factories and knitwear factories in Scotland. We create unique collections by sorting items that make use of our unique and processing technology.