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Product number: 2301024

Bamboo Shoot Souvenir Series
Shoulder bag using Dyneema® Composite Fabric is perfect for saunas

Features large mesh pockets that cover both sides.
Wet and dirty items can be stored separately.
Sized enough to hold all Bamboo Shoot BATH / SAUNA series pouches.
Dyneema composite material, which is light, durable, and water-resistant, is an item that I would like you to use when you go out to saunas and public baths, which is in fashion now.
Of course, when you go to the beach or the pool, don't miss it!

・Dyneema® Composite Fabric with excellent water resistance and durability is used
・Large mesh pockets covering both sides
・As a shoulder/knapsack Usable 2-way specification
・ Size that fits all BATH / SAUNA series pouches

SIZE: W31 cm x H41 cm

opened in Nakameguro, Tokyo in 1998.
Kazuhiko Kai is the manager and buyer of this long-established select shop that offers items based on the theme of "crossover between fashion and the outdoors."

"Urban Outdoor Life" advocated by the late Kazuhiro Ashizawa, a respected outdoor writer, is a way of living in the city while enjoying and loving nature.

Nakameguro is a city that is in the center of the city, yet has abundant nature such as the Meguro River and rows of cherry blossom trees.

is a lifestyle brand born from the select shop "BAMBOO SHOOTS", which has been rooted in Nakameguro for 22 years and continues to create encounters between outdoor and fashion.

continues to provide clothing that ages with the people who hold it, and which becomes more flavorful with time.
Must-see products that they create that express respect for the design of functional beauty born in the outdoors.