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Product number: 11030230/8044456960010

A rugged and practical apron like Filson made from Tin cloth
Great for a wide range of occasions, from outdoor activities such as camping to cooking at home, DIY, etc.

FILSON's heavy-duty apron provides clothing and body protection, as well as storage space for valuables and gear, when grilling, crafting, or doing a multitude of home activities .
Made from machine-washable antique tin cloth with a waist tie to secure the waist and an adjustable webbing neck strap.
Slotted utility pocket keeps tools safe.
It's also one size fits all, so it fits most people comfortably.

・Made of antique tin cloth with machine washable dry finish
・Nylon webbing neck strap can be adjusted to 3 different lengths
・Tools while working Includes 5 different utility pockets for storing
・Tin cloth trimming with oil finish enhances durability
・Waist ties keep the waist in place.

FABRIC: 10-oz. Antique Tin Cloth + 14-oz. oil finish Tin Cloth trim + nylon webbing strap

USAGA:Everyday, Field

CARE:Machine wash

Made in USA with imported material

*This product will be delivered by Click Post of Japan Post, so we are unable to specify the date and time. note that.

What is FILSON?
“MIGHT AS WELL HAVE THE BEST” "If you have the best thing anyway"
FounderCLINTON C.FILSON's words.

Filson was founded in 1897 as an outdoor clothing manufacturer to challenge the gold rush in Seattle, Washington. Ta.
Because of the extremely harsh environment for clothing, such as gold mining, we started producing clothing using the best natural materials and uncompromising design and sewing.
Eventually, it was even said that the FILSON mark was synonymous with trust for men working in Alaska and the Northwest.
In wool, it still takes more than two years from harvesting the raw wool to finishing it into a product. It continues to be loved by people who need true quality in a natural environment, and is also used for some staff of the US Air Force and Army.
If we talk about excellent quality and durability, there are many stories that have been handed down from parents to children and from children to grandchildren.