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alk phenix



Product number: EAM22BA03

Since the brand was established in 2015, it is one of the ALK PHENIX items that solidly embody the brand philosophy.

The legendary hit item "Extension loop" disappeared from the market on the day of every release.

A shoulder bag without a sack cloth that has been stripped down to the bare minimum of the elements of a shoulder bag.
Re-appeared this time with some new updates.

1. The length of the entire loop can be adjusted with one action, but the length has been slightly extended to make it easier to operate the newly developed accessories. Did.

2. Changed the tip specifications from triangular hooks to carabiners on both sides.
This allows you to connect with various accessories and cameras.

3. Comes with a pouch for storing small items.
This will make it easier to convey the concept and usage image of this product.

From the 2022AW season, accessories that can be connected to extension loops will be rolled out.
By attaching the EXTENSION MOBILE CASE (sold separately), you may not need a coin case.

Fabric: Grosgrain tape

Size: ONE SIZE about (buckle to buckle 135)cm
Weight: 0.085kg


*This product will be delivered via Click Post, so we cannot accept delivery at a specified date and time.

What is alk phenix
In 2020, due to the termination of Phoenix Corporation's business, it was regrettably suspendedalk phenix”.
Full-scale restart from 2022-23 Autumn & Winter COLLECTION.

alk phenix was born in 2015 with the concept of technical apparel as the high line of the domestic outdoor brand "phenix".
The word “alk” in the brand name comes from “walking,” which is the most basic act in daily life.

The concept is “functional clothing for walking”.

The collection is also newly developed with items that combine functional materials such as "GORE-TEX INFINIUM" and "AEROGEL".
It also expresses the coexistence of the DNA of "alk phenix" and new creativity.