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<transcy>G3 DENIM P/O JK</transcy>
<transcy>G3 DENIM P/O JK</transcy>
<transcy>G3 DENIM P/O JK</transcy>
<transcy>G3 DENIM P/O JK</transcy>
<transcy>G3 DENIM P/O JK</transcy>
<transcy>G3 DENIM P/O JK</transcy>
<transcy>G3 DENIM P/O JK</transcy>
<transcy>G3 DENIM P/O JK</transcy>
<transcy>G3 DENIM P/O JK</transcy>
<transcy>G3 DENIM P/O JK</transcy>




Product number: F2378

2nd type using heavy ounce Japanese selvedge denim made with Toyota Industries "G3", the earliest power loom in Japan Jacket

Based on Levi's 2ND type jacket from the 50's, while following the traditional box silhouette, the details have been reviewed and the silhouette rebuilt, full of FOB FACTORY's uniqueness. item.
Incorporating the essence of tailoring, the sleeves are attached to the front swing instead of a denim jacket for work clothes, and even slim sleeves are ergonomically calculated for the amount of movement of the movable parts, making it easy to move and comfortable to wear without stress. and the beauty of the silhouette.
The sewing is the same old American UNION SPECIAL sewing machine that was used at the time.
Uses FOB FACTORY stamped steel buttons made in USA.
This jacket is not just a reproduction of the vintage, but is newly refined, giving off a presence that could be mistaken for a vintage.
The unique texture and texture of G3, which has been highly praised by many overseas buyers at exhibitions such as the MEN/WOMAN SHOW in Paris, is a must-see.
I would like you to experience "Japanese technology" that you can understand by holding it in your hand.

COTON 100%


Length: 40/62, 42/64 cm
Chest: 40/109, 42/113 cm
Shoulder width: 40/46, 42/48 cm
Sleeve length: 40/61, 42/62 cm
Sleeve width: 40/21.5 42/22.5 cm

* Missing Product sizes and large sizes (size 44, 46) can also be ordered.
Please feel free to contact us.

We are proud of being made in Japan, and we carry out almost all of the fabric, sewing, and processing processes in Okayama, and hold discussions with craftsmen. , while valuing the experience of craftsmen, we make clothes with the stance of knowing the old and proposing the new.
The atmosphere of high-quality fabrics. A sense of security created by reliable sewing.
The novelty of incorporating new designs. Silhouette with attention to detail.
This is a brand that continues to carefully create each item, valuing the texture of the craftsmen's processing techniques.