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Product number: 22FWTB080011

A ``cargo operation'' backpack "HAULER" large enough to swallow the desires of trail bums

Thru—A lightweight, large-capacity backpack with special specifications that has never been seen before, made from the knowledge and experience of hikers.
Made from ripstop nylon, the visually impactful front pocket has a 20L space, which is about the same as a normal backpack for city use.
The main body has a capacity of 45L, but the size can be changed according to the amount of luggage, and can store up to 65L.

Free to use.
You can also store oars when rafting, and you can roughly store bulky gear such as hard shells, shoes, helmets, etc.

Eliminates the rain lid, and while working to be lightweight, a retention strap is also deployed at the access part to the main compartment to hold the luggage firmly and provide excellent stability.
The strap on the top can be removed, so you can carry it over your shoulder when you want to move it around.
There is a removable pad on the back of the main compartment, which can be used according to the occasion.

What trail bums want in a backpack is "lots of stuff", "loosely" and "light".
The first priority is not the ease of carrying, but the ease of putting it in.
Simple and overwhelmingly light for its size.
HAULER is a realistic and playful backpack that only Trail Bum can do.

WEIGHT: 750g (Body 700g, Pad 50g)
VOLUME: 45-65L


SIZE: Height 61cm Width 30cm Depth 20cm

Precision points
1. The large front pocket alone is more than 20L. It can be folded neatly when not in use.
2. Equipped with a wide shoulder that relieves the load and a stabilizer that balances the load as simply as possible.
3. A cross strap system that holds the upper part firmly and stabilizes the load.
4. A waist harness with a width that firmly supports the load and a 3D mesh that allows sweat to escape.

A creative bag maker that started with the desire to bring back light and simple items to the market. .
At Trail Bum, we believe there is already enough on the market.
I don't really feel the need to create new products.
There are many products in the world, such as backpacks, and they are being produced one after another.
The latest technology, materials, and gimmicks are packed with trends.
On the other hand, however, the reality is that backpacks with a simple structure and clothing with a simple design that are favored by through-hikers and trail bums are disappearing from the market.

"Then we have no choice but to make it for ourselves."

Most of the tools we use casually were originally simple.
We should not forget such things in exchange for "convenience".
The founder of Gossamer Gear said, "There is no such thing as an original UL backpack."
It is the logic that if you pursue simplification and simplicity, you should end up with a similar design.

Trail Bum is a new outdoor brand supervised by Highland Design.