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<transcy>TAKIBI COVERALL</transcy>
<transcy>TAKIBI COVERALL</transcy>
<transcy>TAKIBI COVERALL</transcy>
<transcy>TAKIBI COVERALL</transcy>
<transcy>TAKIBI COVERALL</transcy>

snow peak


¥41,800 ¥33,440

Style number: JK-20SU101

Designed to be easy to match not only in the camping scene but also in daily life.
An item that uses an aramid material that specializes in flame retardancy.
Among the aramid materials, we use materials that are also used for firefighting clothing, which has particularly strong heat resistance.
In addition, it is resistant to wear and has excellent strength.
TAKIBI items that can be used regardless of the season are a series with a high staff wearing rate.
A silhouette with a beautiful impression due to its clean tailoring.
This year's TAKIBI Coverall is an item with a different atmosphere.
Let's enjoy the bonfire without worrying about holes.

GORE-TEX, Vibram Sole


Length: L / 76cm, XL / 81cm
Shoulder width: L / 47cm, XL / 49.5cm
Width: L / 60.5cm, XL / 65.5cm
Sleeve length: L / 66.5cm, XL / 70cm

Snow Peak is an outdoor brand centered on camping, mountaineering, and apparel that offers high-spec products backed by rigorous natural verification.
Known for being the first company in the world to create the style of "auto camp," from the standpoint of "being a user," by creating "products that we really want," we have never had a "natural product." We have established "a way to enjoy the outdoors, where you can spend a rich and luxurious time inside."
Since its founding, it has consistently developed innovative new products and continues to manufacture high-quality, customer-oriented products.
The corporate message is "Play in the wild in your life."