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<transcy>L/S BACK POCKET TEE "Superior"</transcy>
<transcy>L/S BACK POCKET TEE "Superior"</transcy>
<transcy>L/S BACK POCKET TEE "Superior"</transcy>
<transcy>L/S BACK POCKET TEE "Superior"</transcy>
<transcy>L/S BACK POCKET TEE "Superior"</transcy>
<transcy>L/S BACK POCKET TEE "Superior"</transcy>



¥12,980 ¥10,384


Style number: MS0-000-202050

Pocket detail incorporating outer elements.
A long-sleeved T-shirt with a strong presence that you can wear with just one piece.
A zip pocket with a brand tag on the right chest and a large-capacity zip pocket on the back, which is rare for Ron T. An interesting design with gimmicks.
The pocket is made of a different material from the body to increase its strength, and it can be easily stored not only as a decoration but also as a coin case or smartphone.
It's not as bulky as a waist bag, and you don't need a bag for a nearby convenience store or a little outing.
Since it is a double zipper specification, detailed consideration is given such that it can be opened and closed from either the left or right even if it is not visible.
The brand logo is also placed on the left arm and back, making it a simple yet stylish item.



Length: M / 68 cm, L / 70 cm
Width: M / 58 cm, L / 56 cm
Sleeve length: M / 64 cm, L / 65 cm
Shoulder width: M / 49 cm, L / 51 cm

Established in 1979 by Patrick Smith.
Patrick Smith loves the outdoors and still camps for at least 100 days each year.
MOUNTAIN SMITH has been committed to developing the best packs and bags to enhance your active outdoor life.
During this time, MOUNTAIN SMITH received numerous awards, including the Outside Magazine Best of the Year Award for the Mountainlight series and the Backpacker Magazine Editors choice Awards for a number of packs.
MOUNTAIN SMITH's history of innovation continues today.

MOUNTAIN SMITH, which has been a leader in the outdoor bag market, has newly developed an apparel line under the direction of F / CE. Designer Toshifumi Yamane, who won the TOKYO FASHION AWARD.
It is an attractive item that incorporates the functional design of the bag cultivated in professional use into apparel. The
brand logo is the old logo used when MOUNTAIN SMITH was founded.