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<transcy>narifuri FABRIC FRAGRANCE MIST</transcy>
<transcy>narifuri FABRIC FRAGRANCE MIST</transcy>
<transcy>narifuri FABRIC FRAGRANCE MIST</transcy>
<transcy>narifuri FABRIC FRAGRANCE MIST</transcy>
<transcy>narifuri FABRIC FRAGRANCE MIST</transcy>
<transcy>narifuri FABRIC FRAGRANCE MIST</transcy>




Product number: NFLY_02

Any occasion, from long-distance cycling to meals at stylish restaurants, shopping and dates in stylish townsEven if you have clothes with excellent functionality and stylish design...
If you sweat a lot, you will be worried about "smell"
The elegant and refreshing narifuri original natural woody scent not only refreshes you, but also fulfills an important function for city cyclists, "care for your surroundings"

Narifuri Fabric Fragrance Mist, a clothing deodorant jointly developed with LIVRER YOKOHAMA, a cleaning shop that specializes in live costumes for domestic and international artists. /Narifuri Fabric Fragrance Mist
Fragrance mist that pursues a balance between fragrance and deodorizing power has high deodorizing power due to the combination of persimmon tannin, which is effective against the smell of sweat, and a fragrant original fragrance that refreshes the mind. has the effect of
It's very easy to use, just spray it on clothing, hats, the back of bags, and the insoles of sneakers that smell of sweat.
It has a large capacity of about 300 pushes, but it is a compact size that fits in one hand and can be easily carried in a frame or saddle bag.
Enjoy a richer bicycle life with fabric fragrance mist for cyclists that does not compromise on deodorizing power or fragrance.

TOP...Leafy Green/Apple/Rosemary
BOTTOM... Musk/Lily/Oakmoss

How to use: Hold 20-30cm away from the target and spray until lightly damp.Do not concentrate and spray in one place as it may cause stains or stickiness.Do not use on dirty clothingAfter use, be sure to store it with "stop"

Items that cannot be used: leather, synthetic leather, artificial leather, Japanese clothing, silk, rayon and other fibers that are vulnerable to water, items that cannot be washed with water, items that have undergone special processing (resin processing, water repellent processing) etc.) If you are concerned about color fading or stains, check on an inconspicuous area before using.

Note: not a drinkKeep out of reach of infants and petsDo not spray into the air or towards peopleWhen using in a confined space, ensure good ventilation and be careful not to inhale.If it gets on the floor, furniture, electrical appliances, etc., wipe it off immediately.Store away from high temperature, high humidity and direct sunlight.

First Aid: If it gets in your eyes, rinse well with running water without rubbing.If any abnormalities remain, consult an ophthalmologistIf swallowed, do not vomit, rinse your mouth, drink water, etc.If any abnormality remains, bring the product and consult a doctor.Discontinue use if you feel unwell


What is narifuri? t2> A fashion brand that combines a design that blends into the city
Creating a new sense of value: "appearance = nari" and "behavior = furi"

・"Casual" that can be worn freely in any scene as a uniform for city riding
・The rules that highly combine good tailoring that can be used for business, functionality and durability that can withstand riding "Business"
, which supports creative business styles that are not bound by trends, provides collections that are suitable not only for city riding but also for long rides, and hybrid cycle wear that mixes the functionality and design necessary for transportation. "Active"

These three lines are the pillarsThe origin of narifuri is the function that assumes riding a bicycle and the design that blends into the city.