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narifuri×洗濯ブラザーズ SHELTECH 半袖シャツ
narifuri×洗濯ブラザーズ SHELTECH 半袖シャツ
narifuri×洗濯ブラザーズ SHELTECH 半袖シャツ
narifuri×洗濯ブラザーズ SHELTECH 半袖シャツ
narifuri×洗濯ブラザーズ SHELTECH 半袖シャツ
narifuri×洗濯ブラザーズ SHELTECH 半袖シャツ
narifuri×洗濯ブラザーズ SHELTECH 半袖シャツ


narifuri×洗濯ブラザーズ SHELTECH 半袖シャツ

¥15,400 ¥10,780

Product number: NFLB_02

A capsule with the Laundry Brothers, a group of laundry professionals whose activities are based on the concept of making everyday laundry fun and happy. Introducing the collection

Short-sleeved shirts, T-shirts, and shorts are made from SHELTECH®, a popular material. SHELTECH® was born under the concept of “playing with the sun” and is a highly functional material that allows you to move around freely even in the scorching sun. It has all the functions.

Resolving problems with clothing functions, detergents, and washing methods during the period when bike riders especially worry about sweating and smelly clothes due to the heat of summer.
This is a collaboration unique to narifuri, who has been paying attention to how you behave when you get off the bicycle, even though it is clothes for riding a bicycle.

Material: NYLON 100%

SHELTECH original body (Heat shield/Cool contact/Water absorption and quick drying/Lightweight/UV protection)
With collaboration design print
Reflector collaboration logo Printed


Length (front): L/ cm, XL/ cm
Length (back):L/ cm, XL/ cm
Chest:L/ cm, XL/ cm

Shoulder width:L/cm, XL/cm
Sleeve length:L/cm, XL/cm

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What is Laundry Brothers?
Formed by Takashi Motegi, Yasuyuki Motegi, and Ryo Imai, they aim to make everyday laundry fun and happy. A group of professionals in action.
In addition to running the cleaning shop "LIVRER YOKOHAMA" in Yokohama, he cleans costumes for famous domestic and international artists such as Shiki Theater Company, Cirque du Soleil, and Crazy Ken Band.
The company has also developed an original natural detergent that has been well received.
Detergents are available at ESTNATION, Barneys New York, Conran Shop, as well as department stores and select shops nationwide.
The laundry technique advocated by Laundry Brothers has been well received for being able to wash clothes cleanly and to make them last longer without damaging them.
Currently, they hold events, seminars, and lectures at department stores and select shops nationwide.
This is a popular group of people who are currently attracting a lot of attention in media appearances.

What is narifuri? A fashion brand with a design that blends in with the surroundings.
We are creating a new sense of value: "appearance = nari" and "behavior = furi".

・"Casual" that can be worn freely in any scene as a uniform for city riding
・The rules that highly combine good tailoring suitable for business with functionality and durability that can withstand riding "Business"
, which supports creative business styles that are not bound by trends, offers a collection that is suitable not only for city riding but also for long rides, and hybrid cycle wear that mixes the functionality and design necessary for transportation. "Active"

With these three lines as pillars, the origin of narifuri is the function that assumes riding a bicycle and the design that blends into the city.