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Product number: R201203

This item uses two types of fabric: twill with uneven yarn that gives it a slightly different look, and plain weave indigo that looks more attractive with each use.
A silhouette that falls straight down with a wide body.
By adding a switch called decto to the hem, the silhouette that can be seen from the side has become indescribable.
The hood can be left as it is, or it can be rolled up and fastened with a button.
I like the unique collar that makes the curled cloth attractive.
There is a spare cloth sewn on the inside of the back that can be used in case the clothes break down.
It can be used freely, such as as a repair cloth after many years of use, or as a pocket cloth when you need another pocket.
Work style smog.

Yellow: Dyed
Indigo: One wash


Width: L/61cm, XL /63.5cm
Length: L/69cm, XL/71.5cm

What is REMILLA? It is a domestic brand that attracts many fans by carefully crafting it with attention to detail.
Even though it has a work taste, each item that makes you feel like an adult skateboard culture is excellent.
French professional skater SOY PANDAY has joined as a Remyra rider, making this brand a must-watch brand in the future.