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Product number: R193403

Uses herringbone that is not too thick.
Shirt JKT-style coveralls that create a unique atmosphere.
There is a spare cloth sewn on the inside of the back that can be used in case your clothes malfunction, so you can use it freely, such as as a repair cloth after many years of use, or as a pocket cloth when you need a separate pocket. It has become.
Great as a cover-up when it's cool or with a hoodie when it gets cold ◎

Herringbone: Washed after product


Width: M/55cm, L/57.5cm, XL/60cm
Length: M/67cm, L/69cm, XL/72cm

Remilla, originating from Iwaki, Fukushima Prefecture, is a domestic brand that attracts many fans by carefully crafting simple designs with attention to detail in materials, details, and silhouettes.
Although they have a work style, each item is excellent, with a hint of adult skateboarding culture.
With French professional skater SOY PANDAY joining Remira as a rider, this brand will be attracting more and more attention in the future.