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Style number: P30600M

Short hooded hoodie that can be converted into a zippered collar
The garment is made of 3 layers of 100% recycled polyester and has high performance in terms of water resistance and breathability.

Complete protection from cold, wind and moisture.
The hood and hem are adjustable with drawstrings, and the cuffs are adjustable with snap buttons. The
zip is central and has a double slider covered with a snap-closed flap.
Two chest pockets are closed with a "water resistant" zipper, and the lower pocket has a flap closed with a hidden snap.
The patch pocket on the left sleeve is closed with a "water repellent" zip, the inside pocket on the chest is closed with a zip, and the lower pocket has a lycra edging.

3 layers of 100% recycled polyester, high water resistance and breathability performance
(5000wp mm / 24h-5000mp g / m² / 24h).
Provides complete coverage from cold, wind and humidity.

PLUMTECH ® (Plumtech ® ) It looks like a fluffy down, but the contents are SAVE THE DUCK , which is a trademark made by entwining fine particles made from recycled PET bottles with polyester fibers. Equipped with registered high-performance materials.
Lightweight, breathable, quick-drying, heat-retaining, and portable, it is an item that is gaining popularity all over the world as the ultimate winter clothing that surpasses down.

Sustainability-Fashion industry challenges
Due to the supply chain of apparel production spread all over the world, overproduction by apparel companies in each country continues.
It continues to abuse natural resources, cruelty to animals (use of skin, fur, down, etc.) and water pollution (processing them).
Another serious problem is the deterioration of the environment due to the disposal of large amounts of waste due to the shortened consumption cycle.
The business of protecting limited resources and circulating renewable energy is the most important issue that cannot be avoided in the fashion world in the future.

Save the Duck is actively committed to increasing product sustainability so as to reduce the burden on the environment.
All padding of the product uses PLUMTECH® recycled from PET bottles instead of down collected from animals.
We also participate in projects related to the conservation of animals and the environment together with international environmental NGOs, and are actively involved in the conservation of the sustainable global environment.

100% recycled polyester


Length: L / 72 cm, XL / 73 cm
Width: L / 59 cm , XL / 63 cm
Shoulder width: L / 50 cm, XL / 52 cm
Sleeve length: L66 cm, XL / 69 cm

SAVE THE DUCK is All men's collections “ JAPAN FIT” can now be produced.
Many Western brands have large sleeves, lengths, shoulder widths, etc. for Japanese people and were dissatisfied with purchasing customers, but all products have resolved their dissatisfaction with size. ..

“SAVE THE DUCK” (Save the Duck) has a beautiful design and variety. It is a fashionable outerwear brand born in Milan, Italy in 2012 based on various coloring.
The reason for its birth is to protect the feathers and duck that are being collected all over the world, and to use the material regenerated and developed with the latest technology as the main raw material, which is a circulatory and eco-friendly brand. I started aiming for.
Features are lightness and warmth by using newly developed material "PLUMTECH" (registered trademarks in each country) instead of down feathers for padding. We have succeeded in developing a product with excellent softness.
Its performance is as functional as luxury real down, SAVE THE DUCK is Europe 30 It is the one and only sustainable outerwear brand that is rapidly increasing in popularity in Europe, the United States, and Canada.