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Product number: 18825/8044456930510

A versatile item that can be used for outdoor activities such as camping all year round
In addition to being practical around campfires and inside tents, the original Filson-like graphics add a touch of style to your outdoor life.
Recommended for home living room and car interiors

This is an exclusive limited edition of Filson's original graphic series that is very popular every season.
The lightweight trout blanket is perfect for keeping cool around the campfire or at the beach.
Made from brushed, ultra-soft 100% Portuguese cotton in a jacquard weave for crisp, lasting graphics.
Machine washable, so you can use it anywhere with confidence.
Exclusive graphics designed by Filson.
Limited Edition

・Uses lightweight, soft, and very warm material
・Woven from the finest Portuguese cotton yarn
・Jacquard weave
>Filson original graphics

FABRIC: 6-oz. 100% cotton
USAGA: Everyday
CARE: Machine wash, tumble dry low

MADE IN Portugal

SIZE: Approx. 200cm x Approx. 160cm

“MIGHT AS WELL HAVE THE BEST” "If you want to have the best one anyway"
These are the words of our founder CLINTON C. FILSON .

Filson was founded in 1897 as a outdoor clothing manufacturer to challenge the gold rush in Seattle, Washington. Ta.
Because of the extremely harsh environment for clothing, such as gold mining, we started producing clothing using the best natural materials and uncompromising design and sewing.
Eventually, it was even said that the FILSON mark was synonymous with trust for men working in Alaska and the Northwest.
In wool, it still takes more than two years from harvesting the raw wool to finishing it into a product. It continues to be loved by people who need true quality in a natural environment, and is also used for some staff of the US Air Force and Army.
If we talk about excellent quality and durability, there are many stories that have been handed down from parents to children and from children to grandchildren.