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<transcy>US ARMY TROPICAL JACKET (DENIM)</transcy>
<transcy>US ARMY TROPICAL JACKET (DENIM)</transcy>
<transcy>US ARMY TROPICAL JACKET (DENIM)</transcy>
<transcy>US ARMY TROPICAL JACKET (DENIM)</transcy>
<transcy>US ARMY TROPICAL JACKET (DENIM)</transcy>
<transcy>US ARMY TROPICAL JACKET (DENIM)</transcy>
<transcy>US ARMY TROPICAL JACKET (DENIM)</transcy>
<transcy>US ARMY TROPICAL JACKET (DENIM)</transcy>
<transcy>US ARMY TROPICAL JACKET (DENIM)</transcy>
<transcy>US ARMY TROPICAL JACKET (DENIM)</transcy>





Style number: 01-6010-81

Inspired by jungle fatig orSlow's classic "US ARMY TROPICAL JACKET" denim version

The classic item of orSlow made based on the so-called
jungle fatig adopted in the Vietnam War is reproduced with denim, which is our specialty.
Add casualness by finishing a rugged military jacket with thin denim.
The details are the same as the original, and the details are not cut out.
Double placket, the outside is a flap with a fly design that can be closed with a button.
The loose silhouette goes well with modern styles.
You can wear it roughly, or you can just match it ruggedly.
Recommended for both men and women.
The biggest feature is the four large flap pockets, which are convenient because of their large capacity.
If you have one thin jacket that can be used throughout the year, the range of coordination will expand.
The details are elaborate, and it is a piece that makes you feel the commitment of Orslow to manufacturing.



Length: 3/L 80cm, 4/XL 82 cm
Width: 3/L 57 cm, 4/XL 58 cm
Sleeve length: 3/L 62 cm, 4/XL 65 cm
Shoulder width: 3/L 48 cm, 4/XL 50 cm

What is orSlow?
originality Examine and create clothes with a certain character.
In the world of fashion, which flows at a dizzying speed, I slowly reconsider my personality.
Clothes born in the 19th and 20th centuries, especially those derived from work military, are loved by many people as fashion, not just work clothes, and are still supported as basic wear even today.
We will design such eternal classic clothes slow through our filters.
We value the warmth created by our hands, and aim to create high-quality products with attention to detail.
The brand name is derived from "(or) scrutinize something with originality and create something in (slow). I want you to wear it while tasting it carefully." A Japanese brand founded in 2005.