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Notation based on the specific transaction


Distributor T.F.G.-JAPAN Co., Ltd.
Administration person in charge 永藤研吾
The location 〒107-0061
2-7-13, Kitaaoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo plastic Theo Aoyama Building 3F
Phone number 03-6271-1448
E-mail address
Sales price I refer to a product page
A price means of payment and time limit Bank transfer: Transfer give me the price after an order within (bank business day) on 7th.
C.O.D.: Please pay the price at the time of the arrival to the product towards a transportation company.
The credit card settlement, other cashless settlement: I am targeted for charging at the time of a product order.
Expense except the product price The postage: Look at Terms of Use.
A collect on delivery fee:
In the case of less than 10,001 yen collect on delivery fee 330 yen (tax-included)
When is less than 30,001 yen more than 10,001 yen; collect on delivery fee 440 yen (tax-included)
When is less than 100,001 yen more than 30,001 yen; collect on delivery fee 660 yen (tax-included)
When is less than 300,001 yen more than 100,001 yen; collect on delivery fee 1,100 yen (tax-included)
※Tax-included 5,500 yen or more become free shipping a total amount of money of the purchase.
※The transfer fee to pay to the financial institution of the visitor burden you.
Expiration date of the application In the case of bank transfer: Transfer give a designated account a total amount of money from the order for product within (bank business day) on 7th. When you cannot receive money by a date, the cancellation capital does the order. Thank you for your understanding beforehand.
Sales figures From 1 yen.
About returned goods ◯When damage, a damaged product, defective article or a product unlike an order arrives during delivery
After the arrival to the product, please return goods by cash on delivery after communication to us within seven days. I let I trade with quality goods promptly or refund it and am merely.

◯Case by the circumstances of the visitor
Returned goods, the exchange to the accessories such as a product, a tag or the vanity case damage is clean, and only the thing which contacted by a telephone or an email within not using it other than a try-on, a correspondence period copes in principle. After the arrival to the product, please send it back for less than three days. But the postage would like the burden on visitor.

◯Damage by the cause of the visitor, damage
I am really sorry, but cannot accept returned goods, the exchange.