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Privacy policy


In order to operate this site, we respect your privacy and take close consideration for personal information, and work carefully and make appropriate management.

1.T.F.G.-JAPAN adheres to personal information protection laws and regulations and other norms and handles personal information properly.

2. When we acquire personal information, we will notify the purpose of use in advance, and get personal information by legal and fair means.

3. We use your personal information within the extent you need to achieve the following usage, and we want to manage our information strictly.
A) When responding to inquiries received from customers A) When responding to inquiries received from customers
B) When shipping the product ordered by customers

4. We maintain accurate and latest of personal information and manage safely. At the same time, to prevent loss, tampering, leakage, etc. of personal information or to realize necessary and appropriate information security measures, you may want to cooperate with our customers.

5. We make sure that our customers (persons) have the right to find out, correction, suspension, erase, etc. for personal information, and if they have these requirements, It responds promptly within a reasonable range.

6. If the usage purpose is exceeded in this provision, if you exceed the reasonable range, you will be new to the purpose of use and contact our customers and will be used after obtaining your consent.

7. If there is a disclosure request for personal information from legal efficacy agencies such as police and judicials, we provide information to the original.