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L / S THERMAL SHIRT "Hamilton Crew"
L / S THERMAL SHIRT "Hamilton Crew"
L / S THERMAL SHIRT "Hamilton Crew"
L / S THERMAL SHIRT "Hamilton Crew"
L / S THERMAL SHIRT "Hamilton Crew"
L / S THERMAL SHIRT "Hamilton Crew"
L / S THERMAL SHIRT "Hamilton Crew"
L / S THERMAL SHIRT "Hamilton Crew"
L / S THERMAL SHIRT "Hamilton Crew"
L / S THERMAL SHIRT "Hamilton Crew"
L / S THERMAL SHIRT "Hamilton Crew"


L / S THERMAL SHIRT "Hamilton Crew"

¥12,980 ¥10,384


Part number: MS0-000-202031

The Swedish army's thermal style, which is popular in the used clothing market.
Unlike US military, it is a material knitted with thick ridges and thick ribs, and also with needle-pulled ribs.
"Needle pulling rib" is reproduced with recycled cotton at 20F / W Mountain Smith.
Recycled nylon is also used for the pocket fabric material.
The best thing about simple items is that they don't make logos stand out.
While retaining the military taste, patchwork is applied to the chest with a different material to accentuate the design, and the thermal shirt, which is underwear, is upgraded to a fashionable item so that it can be worn with this one piece. ..
By squeezing the hem with a drawcord, you can enjoy a different atmosphere and enjoy two ways of dressing.
It goes well with denim and military pants, and can be used for a long season.
The military style that is not too hard is an item that is easy to use not only in the outdoor scene but also on the street.



Length: M / 67 cm, L / 69 cm
Width: M / 55 cm, L / 57 cm
Sleeve length: M / 61 cm, L / 62 cm
Shoulder width: M / 44 cm, L / 46 cm

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What is MOUNTAIN SMITH? Founded by Patrick Smith in 1979.
Patrick Smith loves the outdoors and still camps for at least 100 days each year.
MOUNTAIN SMITH has been committed to developing the best packs and bags to enhance your active outdoor life.
During this time, MOUNTAIN SMITH received numerous awards, including the Outside Magazine Best of the Year Award for the Mountainlight series and the Backpacker Magazine Editors choice Awards for a number of packs.
MOUNTAIN SMITH's history of innovation continues today.

MOUNTAIN SMITH, which has been a leader in the outdoor bag market, has developed a new apparel line under the direction of F / CE. Designer Toshifumi Yamane, who won the TOKYO FASHION AWARD.
The functional design of the bag cultivated in professional use is incorporated into apparel to create an attractive item.
The brand logo is the old logo used when MOUNTAIN SMITH was founded.