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Product number: R211202

The "Mocha Parka" that sold out quickly last season has been released again!
Hatchet picks BLACK, which is a continuous color, and GREEN, GRAY, which is a new color.

Uses 100% Brazilian cotton medium-length cotton yarn spun with coarsely ground mixed cotton.
An item that can be worn like a long T-shirt, taking advantage of the thin fleece that feels great against the skin.
An interesting anecdote is that the designer didn't intend to make a hoodie at first, but instead came up with the idea of ​​``feeling just like the fabric and feeling good.''
Nothing but something good.
The hood that pops out when you put on the jacket over the top makes it easy to wear around the neck. ◎ You can also wear it as a single piece.
Comfortable to wear as loungewear or pajamas.
I actually wore the hood and used it as pajamas for days.
When you put on the hood, you feel indescribable comfort.
If you sleep as it is, it's already a subconscious world.

Material: 100% cotton
Processing: Washed after product


Width: L/57.5cm, XL/ 60cm
Length: L/69.5cm, XL/72cm

*YELLOW is not available at Hatchet.

Remilla, which originated in Iwaki, Fukushima Prefecture, has a simple design that is carefully crafted with attention to detail in materials, details, and silhouettes. It is a domestic brand that attracts many fans.
Even though it has a work taste, each item that makes you feel like an adult skateboard culture is excellent.
French professional skater SOY PANDAY has joined as a Remyra rider, making this brand a must-watch brand in the future.