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snow peak x DANNER FIELD PRO
snow peak x DANNER FIELD PRO
snow peak x DANNER FIELD PRO
snow peak x DANNER FIELD PRO
snow peak x DANNER FIELD PRO
snow peak x DANNER FIELD PRO
snow peak x DANNER FIELD PRO
snow peak x DANNER FIELD PRO

snow peak

snow peak x DANNER FIELD PRO


Product number: SE-DN001

Snow Peak and Danner have something in common: they go back and forth between the city and nature.

FIELD PRO, a collaboration between the two companies, is a super popular item that sold out immediately after its release in June 2018 and disappeared from stores nationwide.
This season, the long-awaited resale of the fans has finally been decided!
We have a small quantity in stock this time as well.
If you weren't able to buy it last season, please consider this opportunity as soon as possible.

By changing the country of manufacture from the United States to Vietnam, "Danner Field Pro." uses GORE-TEX and Vibram soles while significantly reducing the price, and the quality remains the same even in harsh outdoor environments. The specs are sufficient.
While inheriting the design of Danner's masterpiece Danner Light, we succeeded in reducing weight by reviewing materials and parts.
The upper part of the shoelaces has eyelets instead of hooks to enhance the fit.
Adding an insole also improves comfort.
These boots are water resistant, light and durable.
This is a noteworthy item that uses original parts and has a Snow Peak-like feel sprinkled throughout.

GORE-TEX, Vibram Sole


Snow Peak is an outdoor brand focused on camping, mountain climbing, and apparel that provides high-spec products backed by rigorous testing in nature.
The company is known for being the first company in the world to create the ``auto camping'' style, and from the standpoint of ``being a user themselves'', by creating ``products that people really want'', they are creating a new type of ``natural camping'' that has never existed before. We have established a way to enjoy the outdoors that allows you to spend a rich and luxurious time indoors.
Since its founding, the company has consistently developed innovative new products and continues to manufacture high-quality, customer-oriented products.
The corporate message is ``Enjoy the outdoors in your life.''